Okay, what?  Before today, I had never seen more than a basic-cable moment or two of the Tom Hanks K-9 buddy comedy Turner and Hooch, but, like many of you, I had laughed at it (I mean, Hanks bellowing “Hooooch!” at the top of his lungs is a cheap and easy laugh, right?).  Earlier this evening, I happened upon it playing on Comedy Central – and was shocked to find myself watching as Hanks lifted an injured Hooch out of the back of his car and rushed him into vet Mare Winningham’s office.  Imagine my horror as the camera revealed a deep, bloody wound in Hooch’s chest!  It looked like a gunshot – had the butt of so many Hollywood jokes actually taken a bullet for his A-list partner?  As the vet tried to stabilize him and Hanks’ character stroked his head and reassured him he would be going home, the jowly co-star looked up at them with wet, sad eyes, which eventually closed.  Winningham pronounced Hooch dead, Hanks broke down…and I shrieked “No!” in disbelief.  What kind of sick, demented people end a man’s best friend comedy with the best friend in question going into rigor mortis?  Even out of context, this is easily the most sadistic plot twist imaginable.  Even Haley Joel Osment’s death in Pay It Forward makes more sense.