Saving All My Love for You (Single)

Saving All My Love for You (Single)

They don’t know, girl
The young ones

For all they know
You’re just the crazy lady
Married to the dude
Who puts butt cream under his eyes
(Not on his butt)

Or they might catch you
Making out with Kevin Costner
On the Oxygen Channel
And making another thousand bucks
For Dolly Parton

But I know

Legs that were longer
And straighter than flagpoles
If not especially endowed with rhythm

At least fifteen extra teeth

And songs that may or may not
Have made any sense
On topics like adultery
And first love
The magic of childhood
And masturbation

Next time I see you sweat
I hope it’s because
You’re holding that long note
And not because
You’re jonesing.