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I knew there was a reason I continue to watch Jeopardy!:

Unless you were raised in a commune, you probably watched Sesame Street as a kid.  Those of a certain age should remember the Amerindian song stylings of Buffy Sainte-Marie, who, like John Denver, was part of the Henson folk-music crew.  This would be enough to earn anyone a special place in the hearts of children raised on Free to Be…You and Me and “Disco Pooh” – but Buffy’s achievements go beyond hangin’ with Russell Means and playing guitar with Big Bird.  She is an Oscar winner!  If you’ve ever found yourself watching An Officer and a Gentleman on cable on a lazy Saturday, or imitating Joe Cocker and/or Jennifer Warnes in the shower, then you appreciate the significance of Buffy’s contribution to Gen-X culture as the co-writer of lite-radio staple “Up Where We Belong.”  I am humbled.  I am awed.  I am definitely getting tickets the next time Sainte-Marie plays the Highline Ballroom.