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Listening to the Music Choice Channel 616 recently (“Retro-Active”), I caught “Rock Me Amadeus” (German version) and was reminded of what might be the greatest travesty in pop music obituary history:

When Austrian disco icon Falco was killed in a car accident in 1998, an NYC local news story identified him as the one-hit wonder who recorded “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” Good god! I was shaken to the core. Falco deserves to be remembered not only for blending rap, Mozart and synth-pop into an immortal single, but also for the weird, tortured “Jeanny,” the sassy “Vienna Calling,” and the REAL version of “Der Kommissar” (up yours, After the Fire)! He is most certainly NOT the person who recorded the 1983 cover of the Fred Astaire song. That would be Taco.

I mean, geez, people, let’s not confuse our German popstars with our Austrian popstars, okay? Life is complicated enough.