Dear filmmakers,

Greetings!  Allow me to reintroduce myself – I’m Regina, a.k.a. Gigi, the producer of “Gigi’s Gen-X Singalong.”  Some weeks ago I posted a call for directors on; if you’re receiving this email, it’s because you were kind enough to respond to my posting.  It’s taken somewhat longer for me to get back to you than I intended, but I hope you will still be interested in contributing to our project.

The Singalong is a video showcase of original pieces shot and/or edited to accompany the songs of a single album, one near and dear to the hearts of people born in the ’70s and raised in the ’80s.  The inaugural Singalong took place in May of this year, when we featured the seminal album “The Queen is Dead” by the Smiths.  Every one of the ten songs on the album was interpreted in a video – some of them narrative, others experimental; some directors shot new material, while others edited found footage.  Each piece was unique and distinct; the filmmakers had total control over what they could do.  The ONLY requirement was that they featured their assigned song in its entirety.

Why is the Singalong an awesome thing to be a part of?  First of all, because once you’ve been assigned a song from the featured album, you’re entirely free – it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the band or not.  Second, because it’s a great opportunity to collaborate with a group of fellow artists whose tastes and aesthetics run the gamut.  Third, because it’s a singalong – meaning that the audience is encouraged to participate by singing along with the soundtrack as the videos are played (all videos must have subtitles of the lyrics in order to facilitate this – but you even have control over how you incorporate the text into the frame)!

So what’s the next step?  If you are interested in contributing a piece to the next Singalong, which will feature the eponymous 1982 album by VIOLENT FEMMES, then please let me know:
a) what your schedule is like between now and March 2009
b) whether you have a particular track you would like to work with, or whether you would like to be randomly assigned one
c) whether you will need help assembling a crew (cinematographer, editor, etc.) – please be aware that anyone who accepts an assignment is primarily responsible for producing his/her own piece.  We can help recruit extra hands for you, but once we pass their names on to you, you’re the boss!

One thing you will NOT get out of this experience – money.  NO ONE at the Singalong makes a profit.  We want our audience to be able to enjoy the show for FREE.  What you WILL get out of it is an energized, friendly audience and a chance to see your work projected in public.

If you’re not 100% sure if this is the right kind of project for you, you will have a chance to check it out: on Sunday, Dec. 7, we are reprising the original Smiths program at 13 (35 East 13th St.) in Manhattan.  If you’re local, we urge you to come, say hi, and, of course, sing.  However, I hope to have heard from some of you before then, as we are eager to get kick-ass directors on board!

As a reminder, you can check out our MySpace page:  (It should be set to public, unless anyone here is under 18!)

Thanks to all, and talk to you soon,